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Be sure to check out the latest episode of "Smart Boating" that Winninghoff was  featured on!  We talk about aluminum boats and the process of building them!  Thanks to Paul and Smart Boating for the opportunity!


Boat Building

If you're looking for a custom aluminum boat then Winninghoff is the place to have it built.  Bring your ideas to us or let us help guide you with our expert advice on how to build the boat you've always wanted. We can build a boat to the customers desired length, width, hull type and deck layout.  Our boats are always built with the best materials and believe in the idea or quality over quantity.  Our customers are guaranteed to be more then happy with the finished product regardless if the boat is used for work or pleasure.

Modifications & Repairs

Already own a boat but are looking to make repairs or modifications to it?  Winninghoff does that too.  Here are a few examples where Winninghoff can help.

  • Repair aluminum hulls

  • Custom center consoles

  • Rebuild fuel tanks

  • Dive doors

  • Davits

  • Pot hauler mounts

  • Additional seating

There are endless options for what customers are looking for and we are more then capable of helping meet our customers needs


While most people know Winninghoff for building boats, we've also been building gangways for just as long.  For residential use, like you see above, or commercial use, like marinas, we can build to your desired spec.  Here are some other ways Winninghoff can help with your aluminum needs other the marine applications.

  • Truck racks

  • Truck & trailer accessories

  • Railings

  • Ladders

  • Water tanks

Have other custom aluminum ideas?  Give us a call, I'm sure we can help! 




Winninghoff Boats has been in business for over 40 years and was founded by Jack Winninghoff.  Jack, who was an Air Force pilot and graduate of MIT in Cambridge MA, took great pride in the company he started and it shows in the legacy that he left behind.  Jack was a pioneer and leader in aluminum boat building and paved the way for how the industry operates today.  Not only was Jack passionate about the work his company did, he considered his employees to be family and remained close with many customers up until his death. While Jack may have passed away in early 2017 at the age of 93,  the commitment and pride that he poured into his company will continue to live on.  

William Stone, who has worked for Winninghoff for the past 25 years and considered a son by Jack, took over the company in July of 2017.  While the leadership at Winninghoff has changed, the commitment to building quality boats will continue on.








We constantly have new boats showing up in the yard ready to sell.  You'll find aluminum and fiberglass boats for both commercial and pleasure use.  Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries regarding our available boats.  Have a boat you want to sell?  We can help there too.  Give Bill a call at 978-621-8742.




For any inquiries or questions, please call:

Bill Stone - Owner


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Boat Shop Location

Rowley Massachusetts


To apply for a job with Winninghoff Boats, please send a resume to:

Get a quote: 978-621-8742
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